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Why Chalk Paint Powder?

chalk paint powder pack

People ask us “Why Chalk Paint Powder?”.

Before we explain there is another, perhaps more important question!

Why Chalk Paint??

Chalk paint is extremely important in the progress of painted furniture and up-cycling projects.

Because of the added chalk, the paint will stick to almost any surface.

Chalk paint will work with little or no preparation, therefore, it is perfect for up-cycling furniture.

When you want to make a piece of furniture match your room, chalk paint is for you.

Why chalk paint powder??

UChalk, Chalk Paint powder, is the easiest way to make your own chalk paint at a fraction of the cost.

Our chalk paint powder recipe for diy chalk paint is simply the easiest way to make your own chalk paint for furniture.

The main drawbacks for off the shelf chalk paint are:

  • cost
  • limited colour palette

We have developed our chalk paint powder over a number of years for use in our own furniture projects.

As a result, UChalk chalk paint powder is an inexpensive and versatile way to overcome both of these issues.

Simply mix 100g UChalk chalk paint powder per 500ml of matt emulsion paint and mix well to produce luxurious chalk paint.

With over 2.5 million paint colours available at your local DIY, why would you limit yourself to a couple of dozen colours everybody else uses.

How can Chalk Paint be used??

Although chalk paint was originally designed for use with wooden furniture it has a number of uses.

In addition to furniture chalk paint is perfect for use on glass, metal, walls and other items.

chalk paint powder is the easiest way to you perfect pallette
Chalk Paint Powder is the quickest way to DIY Chalk Paint

Why Chalk Paint Powder?

Because our powder is so easy to use chalk paint can be made from your leftover paint in moments.

Therefore, why waste money paying for somebody else to mix in the chalk?

With UChalk, YOU add the CHALK and therefore save a fortune.

Where can I buy Chalk Paint Powder?

We are proud to offer our product on our own website or if you prefer; Amazon, Etsy or eBay

Most of all, our products are extremely easy to use.

Each pack comes with full instructions and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

For more information we have instruction videos on our YouTube page.

Can I get help with chalk paint powder?

Of course, we are here to help and love to help our customers get the results they want!

We take pride in our customer service and would therefore like to take time with our customers to ensure the perfect result.

In conclusion, if you are ready to break the ties of commercial chalk paint we are here for you!

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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