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The UChalk story!

UChalk chalk paint powder and how it all began.

Here at UChalk we have been making and up-cycling furniture for a number of years now and wanted to find a way to create chalk paint easily and in the colours we wanted.

When we started Chalk Paint was a relatively new thing.

Because of this there we only around a dozen available colours.

This lack of colour meant that all the painted furniture we saw was exactly the same.

uchalk chalk paint powder example sideboard-cropped


UChalk Chalk Paint Powder, a new way!

During our research, we found that chalk paint was simply standard emulsion which had a quantity of fine chalk powder added at the production stage.

Because of this, we experimented with different powders to get the perfect result.

As you would expect chalk was the perfect solution.

Our chalk paint powder contains fine calcium powder and clay powder for adhesion and clarity.

Testing the product.

Luckily, as we made and up-cycled furniture ourselves, we had an opportunity to test our chalk paint powder.

We used our product on hundreds of pieces to perfect the formula.

Testing the Chalk Paint Powder market

Our customers would constantly ask where we got the paint in the colours we used.

When we explained that we used our own special powder to create the paints the orders flooded in!

People were using our product to complete the chosen rooms in their colour choice.

Although fantastic on furniture, chalk paint made with UChalk Chalk Paint powder is also excellent on accent pieces such as lamp stands, picture frames and woodwork etc.

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