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How to make Chalk Paint from Emulsion

Ready to make your own superb chalk paint and save £$£$£$£$£?

In this post we want to show you How to make Chalk Paint from Emulsion paint.

There are many recipes for DIY Chalk Paint out there and we think we have found the perfect one.

In 2013 we wanted to broaden our colour palette for painted furniture pieces.

At that time there were only a few companies producing chalk paint in a very small number of colours.

In contrast, any DIY Store had a myriad of colours and we thought if only we knew how to make Chalk Paint from Emulsion!

How to make Chalk Paint from Emulsion

Using UChalk Chalk Paint Powder is simply the easiest way.

  • Weigh enough chalk for your project (UChalk is mixed at a 5 to 1 ratio so 100g per 500ml)
  • Add about a quarter of the paint to be used to the chalk and mix into a smooth paste with no lumps (do not use water, click here to read why)
  • Mix in the remaining paint and stir well
  • Paint your piece with your DIY Chalk paint

Our Chalk Paint Powder has been designed to work perfectly with any vinyl matt emulsion paint.

Chalk Paint Powder can be used with Silk Emulsion, see our article here for our findings.

As with all chalk paint, once dry it is best to seal with a chalk paint wax:


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