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Do you add water to chalk paint powder?

We often get asked, “Do you add water to chalk paint powder?”

In our opinion, the answer to this question is NO!

Paint is made under strict control to ensure the finished product is up to the job in hand.

Through years of development and expense, paint manufacturers have found the perfect recipe.

Do you add water to chalk paint powder?

Adding water will not only weaken the structure of the paint but it will change the composition.

During our initial testing, we used water to form the paste to add to the paint.

The initial painting worked fine, but if the paint was stored for any period of time a water like fill appeared on the top of the tin.

Upon further inspection, the film was not water, but oily.

It was clear that the addition of water had broken down the composition of the paint.

Something else to consider is if you are adding water, any impurities will be passed to the paint which could lead to mould.

Chalk Paint Powder works like building blocks within the paint to help the paint stick to surfaces which have not been primed.

chalk paint powder by uchalk

In the picture above you can see how fine our Chalk Paint Powder is.

Because it is so fine it will mix directly with the paint without the need for additional water.

As with all chalk paint, once dry it is best to seal with a chalk paint wax:


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