Chalk Paint Powder & Chalk Paint Wax FAQs

When we started making our own chalk paint from chalk paint powder we made a lot of mistakes.

Maybe mistakes is a bit strong, shall we say we did a lot of ‘learning’!

We gathered a lot of knowledge through this learning process.

We believe the knowledge of our product, from the ingredients to the mixing right through to the painting itself, sets us apart from other people.

We are here to pass this information along to ensure each and every one of our customers gets the result they want, each and every time.

To help in this process we have produced the following FAQs and should there not be an answer to your question please complete our contact form and we will come back to you just as soon as we can!

How do you use chalk paint powder??

You can create your own chalk paint by mixing 50g of chalk paint powder per 250ml of matt emulsion paint or for larger quantities see below:

  • 100g chalk paint powder / 500ml
  • 200g Chalk Paint Powder / 1l Paint
  • 400g Chalk Paint Powder / 2l Paint

How do you use Chalk Paint Wax??

Chalk Paint Wax can be applied to your piece using a brush, cloth or ultra fine wire wool.

Simply apply a small amount to your piece and apply in  a circular motion until the surface is completely covered.

Apply a thin layer on each coat and for more protection add several thin layers and DO NOT be tempted to add one thick layer.

Once dry (usaually in around 15-20 minutes) you can buff your piece to get the finish you want.

As with all waxes, the more you polish, the shinier your piece will become.

What can I paint with Chalk Paint??

Chalk Paint is extremely durable and will stick to almost any surface.

Our customers and ourselves have achieved great results using chalk paint on wood, metal, glass, stone and even fabric!!

What preparation does Chalk Paint need??

One of the beauties of chalk paint is that it will stick to almost any surface.

The only real preparation needed is to remove any dust, loose paint or dirt from the surface.

The main reason for this is that if you over-painted any loose material over time it may come away and leave a hole back to the wood.

What is Chalk Paint Powder??

UChalk Chalk Paint Powder is a blend of the finest quality, responsibly sourced chalk powder mixed with clay and mica.

Chalk has been used for hundreds of years in paint making and by adding back into paint creates Chalk Paint.

What is Chalk Paint Wax??

Chalk Paint Wax is a blend of natural beeswax and high grade T1 Caranuba Wax.

Beeswax has been used for thousands of years to polish and protect.

Caranuba wax is the strongest type of wax known to man, and once hardened it is stronger than concrete.

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